PEMQOL: Pediatric Enuresis Module to Assess Quality of Life™


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The Pediatric Enuresis Module on Quality of Life™ (PEMQOL) is comprised of two multi-item Likert-type rating scales, the Child and the Family Impact scales. These scales measure the parent's perspective with regard to the impact of enuresis on their child and family's emotional and social well-being with seven and nine items, respectively. The PEMQOL requires an estimated 7th grade reading level (Flesch-Kincaid) and also includes global items to measure parental attitudes toward enuresis, coping, compliance, and frustration with prior treatment experience(s).

Thinking about your child during the past four weeks, how strongly do each of the following statements apply to him/her?

  • My child feels pretty good about him/herself
  • My child is able to work to his/her potential in school
  • My child doesn't play sports or gym because of wetting issues
  • My child seldom goes to overnight events because of problems with wetting
  • My child seems to enjoy life; My child seem comfortable among his/her peers

How strongly do each of the following statements reflect the situation for your family, relatives, and you?

  • Relatives are very understanding about the situation
  • Our family talks openly about my child's problem
  • I feel confident about the way I am managing the situation
  • Relatives/family members are patient and tolerant about the problem
  • I am frustrated that my child's wetting is unmanageable
  • We are embarrassed to have people in our home because of odor problems
  • There's a lot of turmoil and disruption in our home due to my child's problem
  • I feel tired and worn out due to all the extra work (laundry, changing linen)
  • My child's problem with wetting controls my life

In general, how would you rate your child's ability to cope or deal with his/her wetting?

Compared to a year ago, how would you rate your family's frustration with the problem?

The doctor may have suggested treatments/behavior modification programs (including bladder exercises and/or "timed voiding intervals").

How often has your child experienced success with any of these programs?

How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following?

  • My child could control his wetting if he/she tried harder or paid more attention to the problem
  • Being unable to control wetting is a behavioral issue
  • There is a neurological basis for my child's problems with wetting
  • Being unable to control one's bladder at my child's age is a significant health problem
  • My child will outgrow this problem
  • Medication will be more helpful in solving the problem than behavior Modification
  • I am concerned that my child has an underlying serious medical issue