PAVE: Patient After the Visit Evaluation™

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Content from the HealthActCHQ Manuals (including norms, proprietary scoring algorithms, weights etc. and related syntax) or items from the surveys themselves may not be included in any appendices, reports, manuscripts or reproduced without expressed written permission from HealthActCHQ.

The Patient After the Visit Evaluation™ (PAVE) is comprised of five multi-item scales that measure:

  • Satisfaction with access to care
  • Physician care
  • Self-confidence
  • Relationship with physician/nursing staff
  • Health plan coverage.

There is a question to identify the provider category (e.g. primary care doctor, specialist, nurse) and a question about the general reason for visit (ongoing health condition, illness, routine care). There are four continuity of care items, four medication status items, three preventive health items, two health plan status items, three demographic items for adults and two general information items for parents reporting for their child.

Recent visit was with? Choose a provider category.

Reason for visit?

Thinking about your/child's most recent doctor visit, how you rate the following:

  • Amount of time you waited to get an appointment?
  • Length of time you spent in the office waiting to be seen?
  • Ease of obtaining referrals?
  • Timeliness of the doctor or nurse's response to your call(s)?
  • Clarity of the doctor/nurse's explanation about different treatment options?
  • Usefulness of any materials/handouts given at the visit?
  • The ease of following the doctor/nurse's explanation about the treatment process including how long to take any medicines?
  • The support you received from the doctor/nurse to self-manage your (child's) health?
  • The overall care and advice received?
  • Comfort in taking medicine?
  • Commitment to follow through with the entire treatment plan?
  • Confidence in knowing what to do if there is a problem?
  • Comfort in knowing when to call if there is a problem?
  • I feel that everyone in the office cares about my/child's particular health issue?
  • I feel I'm given enough time with the doctor/nurse to get the best care possible?
  • I feel the doctor/nurse cares about what I have to say?
  • The office staff (front desk, billing etc.) treats me with courtesy and respect?

How long has the patient received care from this doctor?

Will the patient continue with care from this doctor?

Would you recommend the doctor to family and friends?

Did the doctor/nurse talk about what to do in case of an emergency?

At the recent visit what did the doctor suggest? (Select a category)

Since visiting the doctor, what is the patient taking? (Select a category)

Do you feel the doctor did a thorough exam before giving medicine?

Is cost or inconvenience stopping the patient from taking the medicine?

Did the doctor/nurse ask about your/child's health habits?

Did the doctor/nurse give advice about ways to keep or improve good health?

Did you use the Internet/other sources to get information and discuss this with the doctor?

Your insurance type?

If given the option, would you change health plans?

How would you rate your plan's cooperation in:

  • Covering counseling/therapy?
  • Obtaining referrals for specialized care?
  • Covering medicines?
  • Covering equipment, testing, x-rays, or other services?
  • Covering alternative medicine or non-traditional treatment?
  • Resolving issues about care or medical decisions?