FIPRE: Fragile Infant Parent Readiness Evaluation™


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The Fragile Infant Parental Readiness Evaluation™ (FIPRE) consists of four multi-item scales measuring:

  • NICU support
  • Infant well-being
  • Parent well-being
  • Parent anxiety.

The scales range from three-to-eleven items in length. Using a four level response option, parents are asked to respond to a series of statements and indicate how much each one reflects their experience. Two global items measure family cohesion and anticipated limitations in personal time. There are five standard demographic questions: infant gender, birth order, the primary language spoken at home, the mother's country of birth, highest level of education, and marital status.

How much do the following statements describe your experience and how you feel?

Things are explained so that I can follow and understand them

I feel the nurses and doctors include me in decisions about my baby's care

The staff seems responsive to my personal needs

I feel that I can always reach my baby's doctor with questions

I worry that my baby is not getting enough attention

I am concerned that my baby will die although everything seems okay now

I fear for my infant's life

I feel discouraged by all that I need to know to care for my baby

I feel confident about caring for my new baby

I feel uncertain about what to do once the baby is home

I feel pulled in a million different directions

I feel overwhelmed by all that has happened

I don't feel as if people understand the stress and tension that I am experiencing

I feel responsible for my baby being born early

I feel emotionally ready to care for my infant at home

Being in the unit frightens me

Each time I come to the unit I am overwhelmed by all the new things I must learn to do to care for my baby

My anxiety increases when I am asked to leave the unit during an emergency

How much anxiety or concern do the following cause you:

  • Your infant's feeding or eating habits
  • Your infant's sleep habits
  • Your infant's weight gain
  • Your infant's learning abilities, motor and language development (grasping, reaching, babbling, cooing)
  • Your infant's overall growth and development
  • The apnea monitor or other equipment
  • Ongoing medical needs and appointments

How much do you think caring for your new baby will limit the amount of time you have for yourself, your family, and friends?

In general, how would you rate your family's ability to get along with one another?