AIM-A: ADHD Impact Module - Adult™

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The ADHD Impact Module - Adult™ (AIM-A) is an adult PRO self-report measure comprised of four global quality of life items, five economic impact items and five multi-item scales.  The core AIM-A executive functioning concepts were identified during extensive interviews with patients and clinical experts.

The key areas impacted by ADHD as identified by participants in the AIM-A development process included:

  • Living with ADHD
  • General Well-Being
  • Work, Home and School Performance and Daily Functioning
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Impact of Symptoms - both emotional (bothersome and concern) and daily interference

Thinking about your ADHD symptoms during the past 7 days, and the feelings they may cause, how often did you feel:

  • Hopeful about the future
  • Frustrated/annoyed
  • Tense/stressed, shamed or embarrassed
  • Calm or relaxed
  • Accepting of yourself
  • Mentally exhausted/frazzled
  • Confident
  • Angry
  • As if you had failed
  • Able to cope

During the past 7 days, how satisfied have you been with the following?

  • Ability to focus equally well on all tasks and not just those that interest me
  • Ability to take care of everyday responsibilities (pay bills, meet deadlines, get dinner going, run errands)
  • Ability to think things through more carefully and make timely decisions
  • Handling everyday hassles
  • Ability to adapt to disruptions or unexpected changes in your routine
  • Ability to implement ideas/solutions
  • Getting organized
  • Prioritizing, starting tasks
  • The consistency of your productivity
  • Reacting to other's annoyances/irritations
  • Performing to your full potential

During the past 7 days, because of issues with ADHD have you had difficulty:

  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Responding to invitations, email, calls in a timely way
  • Acting logically and rationally with others
  • Showing others that you are reliable and committed
  • Keeping your train of thought and staying engaged during conversations
  • Engaging in physical/sexual intimacy
  • Being able to provide emotional support to others
  • Reading other's emotions or non-verbal cues

How much do the following symptoms bother or concern you and interfere in daily life?

  • Being distracted and jumping from one activity to another
  • Being unable to start /finish tasks that don't interest you
  • Feeling lost or in a fog
  • Sudden mood changes triggered by life events
  • Interrupting/blurting things out
  • Difficulty turning off your mind to fall asleep and/or trouble being alert in the morning
  • Being overly sensitive to others comments/criticism
  • Intense temper outbursts that pass quickly
  • Forgetfulness/losing things

Number of motor vehicle infringements during the past year

Number of jobs you've had to date

Number of visits to the ER/Doctor for injuries/accidents in the past year (not motor vehicle accidents)

Number of visits to the doctor in the past year regarding ADHD (can be medical, psychiatrist, other)

Number of days missed from work/school in the past year due to ADHD