For over two decades, HealthActCHQ (HACHQ) has developed and licensed industry-leading Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) surveys to assess health-related quality of life and its impact on everyday functioning and well-being. Our Company's focus has been to give voice to the patients' and families' perspectives about their physical, emotional, and social well-being in clinical practice and research settings.

HACHQ's Patient Reported Outcomes measures are translated and licensed worldwide for use in academic research, pharmaceutical clinical trials, patient registries, school systems, clinical care networks, and population-based quality of life outcomes research. Over 600 peer-reviewed manuscripts documenting the development, validation, uses, and effectiveness of the Company's Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) & Observer Reported Outcomes (ObsRO) Surveys are presented at our website Bibliography.

Our outcomes surveys include the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ) and Infant Toddler Quality of Life Questionnaire (ITQOL) - pediatric overall quality of life measures. HACHQ has developed condition-specific outcomes surveys for use in clinical trials, physician benchmarking programs, and patient-specific reporting - such surveys are our ADHD Impact Modules for adults and children - the AIM-A and the AIM-C, our Patient Respiratory Outcomes Survey (PRO-SF1) and Neonatal Parental Readiness Evaluation (FIPRE). HealthActCHQ has conducted the translation of almost 400 versions of the Company's PRO Surveys in 100 languages.